COVID-19 Business Response

Did you just realize that your business doesn’t have a business continuity plan in place? You’re not alone. In this time of shifting from in-office, on-location work to remote work, many businesses are scrambling to catch up. Thankfully, there are remote work resolutions to this problem that are available through Interlink Group. Our team of professionally trained IT technicians can quickly have you up and running with a remote web-based workflow. With the help of Interlink Group’s connectivity solutions, the race to enable remote work for your employees doesn’t have to be the headache that you are facing now.

Challenges on Working Remotely

There are a host of problems that a business can face when trying to enable their workforce to work remotely, especially when time is of the essence. These troubles can include roadblocks such as enabling team communication, managing projects, remote meetings, and tracking performance when outside of the office. All these problems can hinder trust and camaraderie between employees and employers. So how do you overcome these barriers? Interlink Group has the solution.

Business Continuity & Web-Based Workflow

Enabling business continuity is currently of the utmost importance. Interlink Group has continued to provide remote working solutions throughout our history to our various clients. Our remote workforce solutions expertise has provided these clients the peace of mind to work from a host of different locations outside of the office. Complimenting this, our business continuity solutions can be rapidly deployed. We eliminate the need to worry about the previously mentioned roadblocks of remote work. If your organization currently needs to enable employees to work remotely, Interlink Group can provide the solutions to help.

Having the ability to ensure your employees’ safety and productivity is currently essential to maintaining business continuity. Having the remote tools in place eliminates any need for worry in this time of transition. Interlink Group wants to be your resource for any web-based workflow solutions that you may need. To learn more about building your remote workforce with Interlink Group, contact us at 574-524-1000 or fill out our form below.

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