Determine the Right Content Management System for Your Web Needs

So, you’ve decided that you want a website for your burgeoning business. That is an excellent first step, but where do you go from there? The obvious first advice given is to take your idea to a Web Development Company, such as Interlink Group so that they can convert your ideas from concept to reality. However, how do you manage your content? What if you need features that allow you to make changes that improve your website in the future easily? This is where choosing the right Content Management System (CMS) becomes crucial to the ongoing success of your web development. A CMS allows you to take full control of your ideas, content, and website by giving you the tools that you need to create and maintain a truly powerful web presence.

               Unfortunately, all Content Management Systems are not made equal. Some have features geared towards blogging, while others excel at managing web application, and others still are excellent for website deployments. This maze of CMSs often can become confusing to navigate, especially to those who are uninitiated to the world of web development. We at Interlink Group want to assist you in navigating these waters to find the right CMS to fit your specific needs. To do this, we must first discuss the various CMSs available to you.

               While we will be discussing On-Premise and Hosted Content Management Systems, there are a plethora of CMS deployments out there, such as Cloud Hosted and Software as a Service Solution (Saas), that cater to specific needs. With that said, On-Premise and Hosted CMSs allow for a higher level of control and a greater ability to customize your web presence. Because of this, we at Interlink Group almost always suggest using these forms of CMS. According to, some pros and cons to be aware of for both Content Management Systems include the following:


On-Premise CMS Platform

Hosted CMS Platform





More Control

Maintenance, Installation & Upkeep

Faster Deployment

Higher Long-Term Costs




Host-Dependent Vulnerabilities


High Upfront Costs

Lower Upfront Costs



Long Deployment Time




               No matter what CMS you choose, support is almost always more important than the software itself. states,

“A system could be everything you need, but if the platform team is not available to help you when you need help the most, it spells disaster for everyone. Finding a content management system that allows developers to work without disrupting the creation and management of content is sure to save your business time and money.”

This advice applies to any Content Management System. If you do not have professional support, like that offered by Interlink Group, developing your online platform can become impossible.

               Finding the right CMS can often be a difficult task. With the plethora of CMSs available, finding the one that most accurately fits what you are trying to accomplish on the web can be a difficult maze to navigate. That is why having a team behind you that steers you in the right direction, as we strive to do here at Interlink Group, is crucial to your ongoing web development and deployment success. To find out more about determining the right Content Management System for your particular needs, feel free to contact us at 574-524-1000 or at