History of Professional Internet Solutions

The Internet is an amazing place. Just a few years ago, most companies didn't have the resources to fully experience the potential of the "world wide web". For the most part, this is still true. Only Fortune 500 companies can afford the technology, man power, and expertise required to add great value to company infrastructure.

From the beginning, Interlink wanted to create an organization that could provide our customers with complete "turn-key" solutions, and provide that same Fortune 500 capacity to small and medium size companies.

Interlink Group's objective is simple. We make advertising on the web WORK for you! We have solutions for everything you need including networking, security, equipment installation and maintenance, training, web based software development, web page application development, and graphic/multimedia design. Our creative and talented team is among the best prepared and ready to serve you for all your Internet needs.

Interlink Group's previous headquarters was formerly the South Bend Power building in pre-Internet times.