Our Process

Think Big, then bring your dreams and ideas to us. We'll help you achieve your goals and realize your vision. In fact, we'll probably expand on your original vision. We do this because we are creative people. We create things in our sleep. Our team is equipped with the most creative minds. Our creative process is founded on cognitive theory of creativity. We don't just make things up and stop at the first good idea. We press forward to achieve the most creative solution for your business.

In addition to harboring creative geniuses in our design & marketing department, we also have the 'Einsteins' of computer science. They are very analytical, precise, scientific, focused, and resourceful. They will make your site work like a charm, with the precision of an atomic clock, and the finesse of a programming genius.

A Winning Partnership!

“Interlink has been a trusted partner for years, playing a key role in our own successes. They have proved to be professional and knowledgeable in all aspects of web services, web design, hosting, and data management. Their staff has always been friendly, fast and efficient, delivering our smallest to largest projects within budget. From conception to completion, their advice on what would work best for us is always smart and insightful. I’m sure Interlink is likely the best fit for anyone wanting a professional presence on the web". Jerimiah Borkowski, Thor Motor Coach's Director of Communications
Large screenshot of Thor Motor Coach website.

From Creative Brief to Launch

During the initial phase, known as the 'Creative Brief', we will brain storm with you and listen to everything you have to say. We then work as a team to make your vision happen. The creative tasks are commissioned to our creative team and the technical specifications are assigned to our technical experts. While our programmers are working away at your project, the designers will present you with wire-frames (simple drawings that show layout) and then graphical mock ups (layout with the design elements added) for your approval or disapproval. It's up to you.

When we present the design work to you, you are free to 'kick the tires' and request revisions. We want you to be totally satisfied. However, we will also give you professional oversight for these revisions that ensure visitors to the site get the best user experience. Our creative team includes experts in Usability Testing and User Centered Design. If revisions are requested we will do our best to accommodate your needs while ensuring your site is top-notch.

When you approve the design our team will work their collaborative magic and weave the complex computer logic into the design to make an excellent interactive experience that we can assure you will bring results. Most customer expectations are exceeded because we give more than just a flashy or trendy design. We have the very best in the industry, we can give your site the edge that no other competitors will be able to deliver. We will out-deliver the ad agencies and design houses because we have what they do not; complete vertical integration of technology with the most skilled hands in the industry.