Protecting Your Business: Antivirus and Why it Works

Do you worry about the digital security of your business? If not, you should be aware of the risks that you face as a business owner in today’s world. According to Nicholcas Fearn of, “Cybercrime is becoming a common occurrence in the digital age and is predicted to cause $6 trillion of financial damage by 2021. Whether it’s data leaks, ransomware campaigns, or DDoS attacks that shut down entire companies, this threat is growing every day and puts everyone at risk.” If the risks are this menacing, what can a business owner do to protect both their data and operations from malicious actors? One of the first steps to take is to work with IT professionals, such as those at Interlink Group, to integrate powerful antivirus and antimalware software into your company networks. Keeping hackers at bay should be one of your top priorities. These protective software offerings are the first step to maintaining the ongoing business cybersecurity that you seek.

Why is Antivirus Software Important to my Business?

The digital dangers that threaten the business world are constantly evolving. As security professionals develop new technologies and approaches to combatting digital threats, cybercriminals do the same to develop technologies that stay one step ahead of the security world. This cat and mouse game leads to vulnerabilities in your business operations. If security holes are discovered by criminals, those same vulnerabilities can be exploited on your company machines and/or networks. To help combat this, antivirus and antimalware tools are needed. By utilizing these tools, fixes for vulnerabilities can be implemented rapidly.

Security for a Mobile Workforce

With the recent shift to the work from home model due to Coronavirus, it is now more important than ever that business owners ensure the security of their networks. The convenience that comes with this new mobile workforce also creates a new host of risks.

When endpoints, the laptops, mobile devices, and tablets that connect to your networks, are not monitored by antivirus, attacks can happen without any notice or impediment in their way. The Avast business team expands upon this sentiment in their article, saying:

“The more endpoints you have connecting to your network – whether laptops, phones, or other devices – the more opportunities there are for attacks, and the higher the chance that one of the devices is compromised. A comprehensive endpoint security solution protects from all angles of attack in real-time, and ensures that new devices aren’t leaving the rest of your network vulnerable.”

Having the appropriate security measures in place, like professionally installed antivirus and antimalware significantly lowers the risk of your business being compromised by malicious actors.

In today’s technologically centric world, we often forget the dangers that we all face when using our devices. Cybercriminals rely on this sense of security to successfully launch attacks against their victims. To be a modern business leader, one must understand the looming threats that we face and take the proper steps to secure their company. Investing in powerful antivirus and antimalware software is a great first step to achieving this.

If you still need to take this crucial first step, reach out to us at Interlink Group. We work with your organization to create custom security solutions that fit your business model.