Web Design  Our customers get more than great design. They get results.

Many of our customers have come to us after being lured in by ad agencies and 'taken for a ride'. There are all sorts of unscrupulous people in the tech world from bearded hipsters to men in suits who will promise you the sun, moon, and stars, while they sell you some over-priced template; or worse, they disappear overnight! What's a business person to do? Who can you trust?

We can assure you we are no 'spring-chickens' to the tech world. We've been in this business for 15 years because we deliver results to people like you! While we'd love to share most of our client's testimonials, we only have room here for a few. But realize that when you choose Interlink, you are choosing a company that has a reputation for stability, dependability, innovation, and creative leadership. We guarantee that you will be satisfied!

screenshot of Inspire Me womens botique website
"Interlink grew my e-commerce site's sales volume and web traffic. The return on my investment is three-fold in six months!"Jeanne Skelton, Inspire Me Owner

Let's Talk About Web Design  and why great design alone, is not enough.

It takes more than good looks for a site to succeed. An effective Internet Marketing Strategy is essential for reaching potential customers. It isn't just enough to have a website and hope that people find you on Google, or type in your address from your business card. Interlink Group has a strategy to engage your customers. This strategy is based on several key components:

  1. We analyze your customer demographics and note which websites they use or will be attracted to.
  2. We then analyze individual website traffic, noting where people spend most of their time.
  3. We intercept the avenues where these potential customers are interacting to bring them to your site.
  4. We observe user interests and produce content on your site to drive conversions.

By developing this strategy we can find potential customers and create avenues to get them to interact with you and your site. This strategy is designed to build a relationship between you and your potential customers, by giving you better ways in which to hear what they have to say about your brand. Through building a better relationship between you an your customer, we can increase your brand's web presence while increasing conversions.

Online Brand Development

What is your brand?

Everyone has a brand. Your brand is not your logo. It's not your ad campaign. It's not the 'style' of your product or service. It's the way the people perceive you. Good or bad, like it or not, you have a brand. We can help you manage your corporate identity and create consistency. From designing corporate logos to letterhead and printed advertising, our designers specialize in making sure that your identity is the best it can be, from your website to your business card. You can have confidence that you are reaching your target audience with a solid and consistent brand when choosing Interlink. We can even help you craft branding standards that establish your corporate identity as well as supply you with resources that you can use to ensure that your brand is never misused or misrepresented. Get a consistent look and feel across all of your print and digital media. Contact Us today to learn more.

Interlink Client Portfolio A Sample from Hundreds of Satisfied Customers

  • Thor Motor Coach
    Thor Motorcoach website
  • Midland Engineering
    website screenshot of Midland Engineering
  • Nextech
    home page of Nextech
  • Dutchmen RV
    website of Dutchmen RV
  • Bestway Foam
    website screenshot of Bestway Foam
  • Big C Lumber
    website screenshot of Big C Lumber
  • Dr. James V. Macri
    website of Dr. Macri
  • Harbinger Laser Art
    website of harbinger laser
  • Big Town Paint
    website screenshot of Big Town Paint

Interlink Client Showcase Midwest Automotive Designs

For over 15 years, Interlink's client portfolio has grown by exceeding expectations on projects ranging from simple web page designs to complex interactive web and mobile experiences. We give our clients the power to control their own destiny by dynamically displaying website content through relational (SQL) and non-relational (no-SQL, MongoDB, etc.) databases, along with other customizable features maintained through our signature Content Management System(CMS). Many of our customers needs include application software development, network engineering, mobile website design, multimedia applications, organic Search Engine Optimization and Internet marketing plans which are all designed and managed in-house.

Midwest Automotive Designs screenshot of website

Videography  & Interactive Media

The Interlink Group SEO team took us from selling a couple Sprinter vans per month to consistently selling over 40! Based on the results we achieved with our corporate site, we went back to Interlink to have them launch our new Sprinter Parts website. I would recommend them to anyone! Tim Gray, President Midwest Automotive Designs