Business Fiber Networking – The Future of Connectivity

There are many different aspects of your business that can impede your pace of production, but few are as significant as not having enough speed, or bandwidth, for your network. When you find yourself or your co-workers having to wait to upload, download, or transfer files, you are experiencing an impediment in your production process. Some see this as an inevitable problem that they must tolerate. Thankfully, in today’s continually progressing world of technology, this problem no longer needs to be something to trudge through. Fiber networks, which are available to many businesses around the United States today, allow for hugely increased network speeds. These increased speeds eliminate the need to wait for your network to catch up with your production. IT networking companies throughout the country, like Interlink Group, specialize in connecting your business to fiber network rings.

To understand the importance of Fiber Networking, the basics of business networks must first be explained. At the most basic level, your businesses’ network has a limit, which is determined by the number of megabits per second that you receive. As Drew Robb explains in his article:

“The oldest and most widely known bandwidth option for business customers is a T1 line, which provides anywhere from less than 1Mbps to 3 Mbps but with far more reliability than consumer-grade services. The scenario of losing bandwidth at home during peak hours when everyone logs on doesn’t happen with T1, which makes it more dependable for businesses.”

To determine how much bandwidth your business is receiving, do a quick Google search for “internet speed test.” Google has integrated an easily accessible tool to see your current upload and download speeds.

In today’s business arena, there is a new standard for networking that is coming into play. This better solution is known as fiber optic cabling or fiber networking. This new service is offered by companies, like Interlink Group, to increase business network speeds throughout the nation. This new form of network connection allows for connections ranging from 1.5 Mbps up to 1 Gigabyte per second (1000 Mbps). As companies continue to increase their investment in Fiber Networks, so too does the availability of these networks increase for businesses across the country.

We at Interlink Group offer fiber networking service solutions throughout the South Bend region and beyond. This service is dubbed “Metro Ethernet Connectivity.” This upgraded form of networking allows businesses within our service range to access fiber networking speeds at a fraction of the price of what it used to cost. We look to cater your network connectivity to your businesses’ needs by offering Metro Ethernet options that are scalable. By utilizing Interlink’s fiber speeds of up to 100 Mbps, your business can eliminate the problem of network induced production slowdown.

Business networks will continue to advance to allow for more speed, security, and reliability. Fiber Networking is the new frontier for businesses across the nation. The massive leap in speed and safety allows for more to get done in a much shorter timeframe. We at Interlink Group pride ourselves on the consistent implementation and management that we provide businesses around our region. If you find that your company’s slow network is contributing to hang-ups that lead to the loss in productivity, feel free give us a call at (574) 524-1000. One of our trained network professionals will be happy to discuss and determine the best way to get you up to the speed that you require.