Business Network Solutions

Wireless Solutions

The future is wireless. We at Interlink Group know how to transition your business to the wireless world. Our IT network solutions group provides smaller wireless solutions, such as wireless Wi-Fi, as well as larger wireless solutions, such as dense warehouses, stadiums, auditoriums, and of course, large meeting and conference rooms. When it comes to wireless, Interlink Group is the solution.

Network Optimization & Performance Tuning

An advantage that Interlink delivers is the ability to fine-tune and optimize existing web application software and networks. This fine-tuning delivers our customers increased speed, more reliability, and general efficiencies.

Software Defined Networking

At Interlink, we are standouts in software-defined networking and gaining control of the traffic on your network. By properly controlling how your network manages traffic, you get smarter networking. This method of networking allows for more network efficiencies, better flow, and of course a more fluid working and reliable system for your organization.

Office 365

Interlink is a partner for Microsoft-hosted applications. Because of this, we can assist you with any of their applications, as well as questions and challenges that you might have regarding them.