IT Management Services

Professionally Managed IT Solutions

Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN), & Internet

Interconnecting systems, mobile devices, people, and businesses are all critical for efficient communication and workflow. We understand the complete landscape of network technologies and optimize the best solution for your business goals.

Professional and Managed Services

Our expertise, professionalism, and integrity, combined with our remote management and monitoring capabilities, set us apart from the crowd. Implementing, supporting, and optimizing networking technology can be a challenge. Interlink complements your team so you have the confidence to navigate and efficiently resolve challenges when they arise.

Turn-Key Service

At Interlink Group, one of our biggest offerings is our Turn-Key Service approach. We offer our customers superior support services by continuing support before, during, and after the sale. We do not simply walk away from a challenge. It’s not our style, it’s not our belief, it’s not our approach. We can work to provide both Enterprise and Carrier grade service with Quality of Service (QOS) that is superior to other competitors in the market.

Cloud Services, Archiving, & Backups

When it comes to cloud services, Interlink has you covered. From web storage and backups to archiving more efficiently and intelligently, we alleviate headaches and put more control at your fingertips.

Business Continuity Solutions

Interlink takes disaster recovery to another level. If and when disaster strikes your network, Interlink has you covered by implementing a backup contingency that is already in place and at your service. It’s this kind of peace of mind that is hard to find, but when you partner with Interlink you can breathe easy!

Extended Warranty Support

Many organizations demand extended warranty solutions. At Interlink we provide one of the best in the industry. This Extended Warranty Support Program is available to all Interlink customers and on almost all of the products and services that we offer.

Hosted Email Solutions

If you need your email program revamped, changed, or updated, or you’re looking for a better alternative to your existing provider, Interlink Group has excellent and reliable options. Give us a call for details on our many business email solutions.

Hosted Web & Application Solutions

Another IT area in which we excel within is our Web & Application Hosting. Reliable, affordable, and solid, Interlink’s Hosting for email, web, or web apps is the right answer for your organization.

Data Center Services

Making your business life easier is our goal. Whether it is rack space, physical servers, or a virtual network, we provide you our highly technical, extremely dependable results. Our customers count on our servers to maintain and manage their networks and data. We ensure this by providing regular server updates and top-tier customer service.