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Cloud Hosting

It's okay to build your 'digital castles' in the cloud as long as you have a sure foundation. Interlink Group's Cloud Hosting provides the security, flexibility, and scalability you need to build your enterprise cloud solution and make all of your digital ambitions come true. Get access to the finest, state-of-the-art servers, ready at your beckoning to provide consistent, affordable, and secure hosting.

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Email Anti-SPAM, SPAM Firewall, & Anti-Virus

Say good-bye to malicious email threats and spam. Your business will run efficiently with out the hassle of spam tying up your in-box. Viruses and Malware won't stand a chance against our anti-spam filters that handle IP reputation, gray listing, and Bayesian filtering like a champ, minimizing false-positives and freeing you from a drain on your business performance. Our features allow you to have full control over what comes in and what goes out of your network.

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Backup On-line Storage, Cloud Storage, & Disaster Recovery

Get unparalleled security for your on-line files! Our backup, disaster recovery, and cloud storage is painless. Files are easily restored quickly! Sync your files and enjoy advanced features you won't find elsewhere. And don't forget the warm, friendly, expert service available to you through our expert Geeks who take a personal interest in you and your business.

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PCI Compliant

Our payment gateways are PCI Compliant and adhere to standards that regard your personal information with the highest discretion. Process on-line transactions over our secure Network with the most advanced encryption algorithms known to man. Interlink prevents vulnerability of your data by vigilantly updating hardware, operating systems and software. Access to cardholders data is limited only to persons that need to use it. Financial information is heavily restricted and protected while we constantly monitor, track and test network security. We'll notify you if we observe suspicious behavior on the network and ensure you that any attempt, whether through hacking or social engineering, is prevented.

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Managed Firewall

Protect your systems around the clock with optimized firewall performance from Interlink. The burden of monitoring and managing your firewall is on our shoulders and off your back. Enjoy uptime with availability that supports full life cycle compliance initiatives. Our certified experts will tune performance, upgrade, patch, and monitor security with real-time precision.

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Load Balancing

Enjoy agile, articulate, and effective load balancing of incoming client requests. Our health monitoring will prevent bottle necks and ensure there are no session redirects. Advanced load balancers go beyond utilizing source IP, cookies, attribute hashing and other methods to deliver support for SSL ID, SIP, JSession ID, tokens, and similar routines. Integrated into these capabilities are included networking practices like 802.3 aggregation and VLAN tagging. Enjoy (SASP) standard server application state protocols, SNMP metrics, and hashing schemes as well.

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Domain Name/DNS Management

Your domain is critical. Get names that work effectively and the support you deserve from our domain name services.

The Interlink Group team will work with you on all your domain name management needs. Looking for a new domain name? Not a problem. We will help you find the right name. With all the new names and new “Brand” domain opportunities available Interlink can guide you through the entire process. We'll handle the registration process and manage your DNS while you manage your business, and retain all ownership rights to your unique URL.

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Run your website with ease by using our signature cPanel. Our cPanel allows for seamless startup and control of your web projects with full support and economical pricing for all of your web hosting needs.

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Virtualization, Virtual Services, VPS

Are you built for speed? Our Virtualization Services will give the boost you're seeking across multiple operating systems and applications. Deploy projects with lighting speed and see an increase in performance and get automated results in your IT department. Interlink supports a variety of hypervisor platforms including VMware, Hyper-V, and Xen. Think less, do more. Virtualize. Think VM. Interlink VM.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Interlink has you covered with disaster recovery and business continuity services. To learn more contact us.