Consulting Network, IT, & Design

Our team of experienced, highly-qualified engineers, developers, and administrators are ready to fill-in wherever you need us. We'll deliver solutions that meet your requirements. Don't know those requirements? Don't worry, we've got you covered with the best advice in the industry.

USTC Fiber Optic Backbone Ring Servers and Workstation for Interlink Group

Networking Installation, Maintenance, WAN & LAN Support

Do you need a network of computers that run efficiently and inexpensively, without the cost of hiring a full-time computer specialist. We have everything you need including premises and cloud service, software and hardware, as well as complete network design. Whether you are installing multiple server environments or just a single computer, we will get you up and running. Networking is at our core, and it's what we love. We understand that when you don't do something all the time you may not be comfortable with the impact a mistake could make. We are your insurance on those important and complex changes that need to be made.

image of networking technician working on servers

Managed Services- Monitoring, WAN Care, Smart Care

Get monitoring and health checking without the expense of hiring employees or purchasing software applications to do it. Our experts would be happy to spend a few hours a week taking care of things so you don't have to. Even if you just need someone to supplement your existing staff during transitions and upgrades, we can help.


  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Hardware Replacement
  • Local Phone Support
  • Cross Platform Real Time Traffic Graphs


  • Low Cost
  • Personal Technical Assistant
  • Specialty Support
  • No Worries


  • Plans from $75/month
  • Customized Plans
  • Annual Rate Discounts
  • Bundled Rates for maintenance,
  • Discovery & Documentation.

Cisco Specialized - Support, Design, Installation, Maintenance, Monitoring

Our Team members have over 25 Years experience designing, installing, and supporting Cisco networks. Our team members have been working with these technologies since their inception and stay on top of leading changes in their field.

logo for Cisco Select Partner

Cisco Powered logo

Security- Firewalls, IPS, Authentication and Certificate services

With todays volatile Internet, you need the peace of mind that your customer's data and proprietary information is safe. Intellectual property and records are some of the most important assets a business may have. We'll protect that information and ensure your customers feel safe.

We are not a single vendor driven company. We will find and implement the solution that fits your need and budget. We offer what you need, when and where you need it.

graphic of cloud shaped key turning a lock

Servers in Interlink Groups Data Center

Network Software Creative Solutions & Support

Need an innovative software solution? We custom build software applications. In addition, we offer software services applicable to virtually all Microsoft software, Linux, HP, and SCO-Unix, Virus protection, Database, and mail services such as Exchange Server, Internet, Web Services and Statistics. We even offer 24/7 Monitoring for Network Reliability.

Boost Productivity

Improve productivity with quality workstations that are designed to boost efficiency. Our quality desktop equipment and support will prevent you from wasting money on needless additional 'server room' expenses. We offer all aspects of server repair, as well as upgrades, installations, and remote connectivity. We design networks that are proven, reliable, and affordable. We'll make sure you get the right equipment for your needs.

image of servers and routers mounted securely

  • Installation, support, and training for most software
  • Upgrades, installation, and repair of servers and work stations
  • Remote Network Access to your business and telecommuting solutions
  • Synchronization for off-line files between your computer & network files
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • On-site and In-shop network engineering services
Internet Connectivity

Get connected to the highest level of Internet access and customer service available. We provide customized service options tailored to you or your company's Internet access requirements. We have designed our network, products, and customer service to meet all needs, from an individual on a home computer to a 14,000 employee international organization, offering service from a single T1 to 100Gbps Ethernet.

Technical Support

Tailor a support program suited to your budget and needs. Options include support on an hourly basis, incident basis, contract basis, by day, or block-time basis. Contact our Network Sales Group, or call us at (574) 524-1000 for more information on how Interlink can streamline a technical support program for your network.

Whether you need to deploy network technology at a single site or at several hundred sites across the country, we can help.

Interlink has the skill, experience and resources to provide clients with advanced network design for both logical and physical layers. Our services are available for the network equipment we provide, as well as for equipment purchased directly by our clients.

We customize our range of solutions to produce the greatest value for each client. By assessing your objectives, strengths and weaknesses, we can leverage our experience and operational capabilities to expertly meet your needs.